Funny Pictures!

This is not just from the legacy but most of it will be from there,i will add more as time progresses and i get more pictures...
Had enough cake yet?
All i have to say is...Ewwww

Crazy cab driver on the loose!!!!!!!
I don't think she likes her dad laying in her bed!
If you look closely hes not even holding her!Coughmindpowerscough!
Funny face...
Everyone else sleeps while the pregnant one cleans..

Twins dream alike O.O
MOM:Get of my couch girl!*Gives death stare*
Annabelle:*So scared she needs to pee*

That looks....Painful...
He must really like her if hes thinking about this!
Seems like the stylist does not like his own work!
Stylist:"You need a hair cut!" Alex:"Err no thanks i just want new clothes..."
Theres no music....
Uncomfortable much??

Shouldint this be the other way around?

Stalker shot!

Car Wreck!
Yes that is a man...
Why Me?????
Annabelle:I'm scared of this bus driver...
Bus Driver:*Talks to self*

Why dount the neighbors come in and HELP?

 Fireman:Was there a fire in here?
Mom:Why arnt you at school?

Stupid stuff snuck into my game!
Her eyes are so big!!

Get me away from this lady!!!

Paronoid Face.
The brides phone is ringing........

That's all for now folks!