Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Does anyone know how to make the game faster or no lag? Its gotten so bad that i cant play! It freezes every 2 min. and i heard that the way to fix it is to move your family to another house in another neighborhood....I have no idea how to do that and preserve the family tree. :P Can anyone help please?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Chapter 40- A lot has happened since i got older...

Melody is not the heiress,the only reason that the past chappys have been in her POV is because shes the oldest and the only simmie in my household that has anything going on :P


A lot has happened you see. Some of it is sad but most of it is so amazing that it gives me a almost visible aura of happiness...

 For starters i got my very first ever boyfriend!
 And my First kiss....
 All in the form of my imaginary friend....
 Mom is pregnant.Again.*sigh*
 Alex moved after giving me the potions D: i was soon informed that she had moved into the house next door!
 Oh,and did i forget to mention hat i fell in love?

And now i grudgingly have to explain the bad news.
 On a particularly bright and sunny day grandma decided to visit her old friend Becca!
 She didn't quite remember her at first but after a bit of talking she remembered.
 They talked for hours,about Annas grandchildren,how there lives have gone and how lucky they were to be alive.
 But sadly that was the last day she got to see her grandchildren.
 Dad went over right after he heard the news from Becca.

 On a happier note both of the kids got IFs!!!
 I of course had to explain why my boyfriend was staying at our house.I told mom he was my IF that i changed and she said that he could live here as long as there was no funny business....
 Mom soon gave birth to Renesmee

 And with the birth came even more birthdays!

 As soon as the twins aged i gave them there IF potions.
 Meet Erica,Johns IF
And Bella,Edwards IF

Friday, December 9, 2011

Chapter 39- The birthdays keep rolling in!

Melodys POV
I hug him and tell him im really sad that no one can see him but me!
I remember the one time i  brought him to school and tried to introduce him but everyone laughed!
Alexs POV
I continue on my potion and keep trying,trying but i feel as though this is as hopeless as my doll changing!!
Then i get a motive to continue.Melody comes to me and starts explaining her IF and i smile at her
"I believe you!I had one but he was inactive" i say sadly gesturing to the doll in the corner.
But our convo was cut short because Angie went into labor!

She welcomes John II (Names after his father) and Edward! (I just had to!With breaking dawn out and all...)

I almost get the right combination but..
BAM! It still blows up in my face! D:
But finally i got it! It took me forever bit it was done!
 I gave her the gift box and told her that it was A whole bunch of IF potions for any other of the family to turn there IFs!
 And then it was time for me to become a Young Adult

 I think im pretty happy with myself!
 Then to find Melody has grown to a teenager! She as gorgeous as ever :)

 The twins grew to toddlers to! Edward has the brown hair and John II has the multi hair!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chapter 38- No one can see you but me...

 Melodys POV
None was taking grandpas death well. Everyone was crying and moping and it made me feel even worse. Mom tried to talk to me about it but i preferred to keep my emotions inside. I hated crying in front of people,it made me feel vulnerable.

 The only one i could cry in front of and feel comfortable was my BFF. He was always there for me! He cheered me up when i was sad and helped me deal with my pain.
 He even helped me pick out a new wardrobe!
 I thought that he could help grandma to but she just stood there and stared at the air with a confused look...

 Then the icecream truck came! It helped me and Alex feel better.

 Grandma did find a way to handle her pain eventually. She cared for the horses day and night! She loved those horses with all her heart
 She did manage the task of saddling Bella!
 I then tried to tell mom but she just sighed.

She wasn't happy,she told me i was to old for imaginary people!I was the only one who knew he was real...
I have to find someone who understands!!