Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chapter 35-New addictions

 Alexandrias POV:
One day for a school project i had to do soome research on horses.I was dreading this report!But as i read more and more into it,i developed this liking for horses.They are gorgeous creatures!So agile and fast!So today i set out to the library to do a little more research on them.I found out a lot and knew that i just  had to go buy a book.

 I ran over to the bookstore and found a good book about taking care of them,their history,and much more.I was so involved in the book it was amazing!I didnt want to put this wonderful book down!

 I was so absorbed in the book that i didnt notice a little boy had come and snached my poor toy paches from me!I looked up for a moment and saw him!
 I took it right back from the boy and ran home,then i knew what i had to do.I had to make my IF a potion.One that could turn him real.The problems were
1.I have no skill in potion making and
2. My IF cant be in doll form to be turned
This worried me as he had not turned at all!I was determined to have the potion ready though if he did ever eventually turn.
 When i got home the backyard looked different!There was a horse stall and supplies for a horse!I ran inside and asked where it was from.My dad said that he had seen me researching them and knew i was in love!I hugged him and told him he didn't have to but he said it was a birthday present from him and mom.
 We didnt even have a horse yet so i started working on that potion,i kept getting the wrong combination though!This was going to take forever.
 I had been working for hours when i heard an odd noise outside,it sounded like a large machine clanking and clacking!Then i heard something large step onto the pavement.I looked out the window and saw
 A brand new horse!I was so excited!I couldn't believe this!
 Mom told me her name was Snickers!Even little Melody was introduced!She was such a friendly horse!
 Everyone piched in to help with Snickers,dad usually gave her hay,i made sure her water was clean and Dad,Mom,and Angie would clean her hooves,brush and clean her.

 A stray cat came by our house and i wanted to keep him but dad said he has flees and that we shouldn't.We had just gotten Snickers.
 I was on a walk later that night looking for some wild horses.I heard they were mesmerizing to watch!But instead i saw a bright light at the end of the road...i peered closer and i saw-what wad that?It had the shape of a horse but a luminescent glow.Not only that but it had a sharp horn like  thing sticking out of its forehead.
 It couldn't be.I thought approaching it slowly.But it was.As the creature came into full view i got a good look at it.It was a unicorn.I stuck my hand out slowly and the unicorn sniffed my hand.
 I reached in my pocket and got out the carrets i had brought for the wild horses and fed some to the unicorn.
 But then the cops came.Apparently my mother had called them and she was furious.She had to told me to be home by 9:30 and it was now 10:30.I was in sooo much trouble.
 I turned and watched the creature one more time before it faded away.I had to find it again.Some day.
 So i was sent to bed and am grounded for 3 days. *Sigh* if they knew what i saw.They wouldn't care.
 The next day i managed to sneak out and mount Snickers for the first time!It was both scary and extremely fun at the same time!
And then we were galloping off for a little ride along the rode.The breeze felt amazing,it was almost like i was flying!
I could get used to this!Maybe for a career?
It was just amazing!I would have to learn to jump.That would feel even better i imagine.
I entered the deep forest and breathed in the woodsy air.This was were i belonged.This was wear i fit in.

Just a little bonus pic because i find it hilarious!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chapter 34-Troll troll go away dount come again another day!(Not really a chappy name but whatever xD)

Im sad to say that i am having a hard time with trolls.For some reason they believe that they must hate on me which i dount really get...?Iv decided to show those trolls that those hurtful comments only make me wanna update more :)! I love my haters!

I was invited to a little party being hosted by Lilly,i was excited to go!I miss her so much.
 Before i left though,i quit my job.I am just to old to be catching ghosts!
 I arrived to Lillys house at 8:00 sharp ready to be partying!Even these old bones have some party in them
 But then Lilly revealed that i was the only one that came.I wasn't disappointed for long though!
 All THREE of her triplets were there!I loved all my little grandchildren!
While mom was away at a party at Lillys house Alexandria grew up!
 She was quite pretty!My little sister looked so grown up!
 She of course never lost her love for Hello Kitty!Only time will tell if this is an unhealthy addiction....
 She always had to look perfect.Perfect hair,perfeect makeup,perfectly matching clothes.
 She was still so very attached to that creepy doll thing....I just hope she grows out of it soon.
 And finally Angie went into labour!

 She gave birth to a beautiful little girl!Her name is Melody Simeyson!
 Angie tucked Melody into the crib that has been in our family for 3 generations!

 Dad loved holding little Melody and showing her our prized fish
 Alex decided to take up painting!