Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Yes!I got it back C: but sadly,i am so busy with school right now.I have most definatly over filled my plate.I signed up for almost everything there is to do at my school.I really dount know why xD I guess because i like being involved and it goes on my collage applications :) im gonna be adopting a Grandparent at a local nursing home so i will be spending a portion of my free time with them and then i need a social life :\ im really sorry!Im just wayyyy to busy with RL to post rapidly.Next year i wont be signing up for all these clubs and crap -_- i learned the hard way lol
I love all you guys for sticking with me!It means a lot!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well..iv done it again....

I got myself grounded for the 3rd time this week xD so obviously i cant play. im having to sneak this post on my phone xD im soooo stealthy LOL
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chapter 33-Three pregos

 Soon it was the first day of school for Alex!She was very nervous but she managed to get on the bus!

 I was on my drums alot trying to work up some skills,Angie loved listening to me
 My mom couldn't wait to be a grandma!She told us that thats all she wants before she dies
 We decided we might as well build a   perminate nursery so we put in the cribs and teddy's from storage.We had to wait a while to get toys since we were cutting it a little close with the money

 I got a job in the music career since it was my favorite hobby!I hoped i would start raking in the moola soon!

There was a much larger vampire population nowadays and frankly some of them we quite scary!Even to me
 When i got home Angie was entertaining Alex with a little ghost story,those two got together so well!
 My mom got a call from Sammy.Apparently Amber wasn't doing so well.She was deteriorating just the same way Amanda had.We arranged  a party so that all the Simeysons could get together.
 We got a surprise!There was another little Simeyson on the way!

 Soon everyone arrived for the party.We even invited Becca because we felt as though she was part of our family

 Alex LOVED that creepy little toy.I will never understand the love she holds for that thing...

 She was pretty obsessed with Hello Kitty!Being as spoiled as she was she got a whole Hello Kitty room
 Sammy arrived late and she was also carrying a new little Simeyson!

Everyone seemed to take a liking to Angie,i was glad to see my family bonding with her
 Alex was pretty upset that she had tot be put to bed even though the party was still going
Sammy went into labour at the party so dad took her to the hospital.....
 Were she gave birth to Jessie Simeyson-Mooney!
 We added a new bathroom because it was getting pretty cramped in that small bathroom!

 We all sat down for a family dinner in the morning but i decided to wait and clean the house
After that i worked out on the treadmill trying to burn off some of the fat i had gained
i was soon interrupted because it was my first day of work!
Angie was overly excited about having a baby!I don't think either of us can wait much longer

 Sorry if it seems like a filler but i promise you next gen will be packed with drama!I CANT WAIT! :D
Also remember,i need pretty teenage girls so if you have any i need um!  

Casting Call!

I need pretty teen females for the next generation so if you have any I can use please post a link below thanks!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Im so sorry but I also have a life :P iv been very busy these past weeks with school and I have truley not had time,i promise you that I am NOT quiting.Just taking a mini break :)

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