Monday, September 19, 2011

Wow,so much time has passed so quickly O_O I seriously dount even notice time anymore,it all just goes by extremely fast :O With school so fun it goes by in a breeze :) Im so sorry for the lack of chapters,but to tell you the truth i only have about 5 pics so i have to get in-game.Ill get one out as soon as i can

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chapter 32-Changes that come

 Lilly doted on Alex!She was sad that she had to leave so she told me when she was done teaching her how to talk.
 I was getting a little chunky!I have to start working out soon!
 My mom started walking with a cane because he back was giving her pains :(
 Soon Lilly moved out,i was gonna miss her!

 So Alex aged up and she looked so cute!I love her soooo much!!!!!!!!!
 She took to chemistry as soon as she aged up!

 You will never believe this but...ANGIE'S PREGNANT!!!!!She was so excited! :)))
I kept telling Alex to be careful and soon she blew herself up!
sorry for the delay!It was supposed to post this morning cause i used the scheduled post but it effed up and didn't post it

Monday, September 12, 2011


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Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I PROMISE!! there will be a chappy tomorrow :) i already wrote it!

chapter 31-(I cant think of a title :O LOLSORRY)

 We managed to get mom out of bed and to Lilly's graduation!It was a wonderful ceremony with cake and juice!This was Lilly's acceptance speech:
"When i was younger i dreamed of becoming a valedictorian!To be the best in my class and excel in all subjects.My mother was such a role model to me,she taught me that no mater what life throws at you,you always keep going and never give up.Do your best.If you think you've done enough,do more.Always go over and beyond.My mother never ever pushed me to hard,she let me learn at my own pace and told me to do what i wanna do!And now,I'm graduating valedictorian!Thank you mom,dad,brother and sister in law.I love you all"
Shes such a sweetie :)
 We got home and there was a....little girl at our doorstep...O_O We were all one knew who she was or what her name was.Mom said "Maybe she has a note.We can get her back to her family."

 mom looked and sure enough there was a note that read:
We love her so so much but Alex is not ours.She is your baby.When the hospital told me that they would get me a baby no matter what i never thought that they would...steal your baby.I'm so so so so so sorry but i cannot name myself in fear that you will no longer want to be my friend.II knew i had to return her to you when i saw the state you were in,tell her i love her for me
(P.S That is a fake grave.)
~~A Friend
 Mom lifted her in the air and stared at her face,taking in every detail.
 She snuggled her so much that i though she would choke!My mom changed that day.Something within shifted i guess you could say.
 She put my sister in the crib that me and my mom had slept in.She had a little doll with her when she arrived,it was creepy and she always seemed to like it..
 When i told you something shifted,i really meant it!She went from this

 To this!She cut her hair and started getting dressed!Alexandria is the light at the end of the tunnel for mom <3
(LOL Jeffery's like :"More kids!?!?COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and anna is like :Ohhh pretty wall!" lol i like making dialogue xD)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Chapter 30-Years gone by

I still couldn't believe i was MARRIED!To ANGIE!We had our little honeymoon after that ;)
While we were doing that Lilly aged into a gorgeous young adult!
Sadly,Becca got a call from the hospital.She was being assigned to another family!She bid us farewell and she was gone D:
 Mom kept trying to convince Amanda to come live with us,she was going to die soon!Mom called everyday trying to sway her but she stayed in her home till the day she died.It was very hard on all of us ):
On the bright side jenny and sierra are both expecting baby's!jenny even moved in with Cullen Goff her husband!

 Years past,we got older,the ghost came out allot,and the household had taken a turn for the worse.
For the last 5 years mom has been in the deepest depression.She barley ate and never combed or cut her hair always wearing her nightgown.She refused to even get out of bed!I love her so much and don't want to see her die this way!