Sunday, July 31, 2011

Way off topic XD

Taylor Swifts song "Mean"
Taylor Swift is my idol!(Not just cause we share the same name XD)This song helped me through a hard time and most of her songs i can relate to and they make me feel alot better :)
Thanks Taylor Swift for being so awesome!

I just officially opened up the EA Hatred Blog! ;D
EA Hatred Blog

EDIT:I'm very crazy!I just started up ANOTHER blog cause i got bored!Its a prettacy..
My Prettacy Blog

A break

I need to take a break!I have been feeling really bad lately,i will have something out before August 7th though..
Have a great week,

EDIT:I just wanna tell u guys the names i go by on different sites,
Word press:Simlover
Blogger:Taylor (Obviously LOL)
TS3 site:Simming4ever

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Annabelles Wedding Update

I had definitely gone over the top for my wedding!I built a small room just to get ready in but after the wedding i would just take it down.
As i looked at my wedding dress i almost started crying,this moment was like a dream.I almost yelled for someone to pinch me!
I looked a bit closer at my face,i could see wrinkles already!I was getting old if i had waited much longer i would be like Amanda but without even a boyfriend.
I touched up my makeup and we were off!!!
I looked out the window of the chapel and i saw my friends and family and finally i saw him!!He was so happy you could see it!
Lilly as my flower girl and John was the ring bear!
"I do" i said
"I do"He said
We held hands and just gaze into each others eyes.
"I love you"I said
"I love you to!"He replied
And then we shared our first kiss as man and wife!The sparks were flying and it felt like the first time!!

Lilly was getting bored so Romona jumped at the chance to entertain her,she loved kids!
We then shared our first dance!
I was telling Romona about how much i liked my new husband and she got kinda..
Mad or sad or i don't know but i think i hit a nerve..
 I was frowning on my wedding day!I needed to stop this!Ill talk to her later..
I turned my attention to the dance floor.It looks like those to are having allot of fun ;)

Its time to say goodbye to Annabelle!Next chapter is Gen 3!!!!!

Chapter 22-Mood Swings,Partys,Visitors Oh My!

I just stared at the ring in complete and utter shock,we had just been in a huge fight yesterday!
I Stuttered 'I..UH..I'
The sadness and hurt was evident all over his face.
Did i deserve him?Did i deserve anyone?I know that he loved me and i loved him to but could he go and find a girl that was deserving?Several minuets passed his face fell and he began to close the box when i said

He slid the ring on my finger with pride and pulled me into a tight embrace,
"At first i thought you were going to say no."He replied sadly
"Trust me,its not for the reasons you think"
After h left i called up my sisters and a few girlfriends and said
"Girls,Its time for a bachelor party!!!
My first guest was Toni a girl i had become fast friends with in high school.I told her one minute and put on my costume.
Right when i walked into the room she bombarded me with fizzy nectar!I was soaked!
My other friend Pamela also came,She was my sister in-law.

My poor sister Amanda was getting older and older.Her back was hurting her so she had to walk with a cane.
She was STILL just girlfriend and boyfriend with Michael i think she has no more spark for him but does not want to hurt his feelings.
A limo pulled up out front and i said aloud
"What the fuzzysocks is that for!"
Jenny looked down and giggled,
"Oh there here!We all pitched in and *Ahem* we thought it might make the party..better..."
I rolled my eyes.Still the same old dorky sister.
Two dancers came strolling in the house and everyone started cheering.
Oh lord help me all of these temptations!
Then my sister started a toast!I was so happy!
But she sprayed me with nectar and this time it got all in my clothes!
I striped of my clothing and thought
hey what the heck i might as well we are all drunk anyway so who cares!
Everyone followed suit and soon we were all pretty much in the nude..
I went to the kitchen to get us some drinks when i felt a tug on my hand,i thought it was one off my sisters or something so i followed them into the  living room but when i looked up a dude was right in my face so i backed away and yelled
"What the fudge are you doing!!!"
"What?You don't wanna have some..Fun?"
"I'm getting married tomorrow!I don't have you here so i  can cheat on my soon to be husband!"I was trying my hardest not not cave and give in.I'm NOT going to make this mistake!
"Oh come on no one has to know!"He said in a seductive tone
I pushed  his chest and said
"Please?"He leaned in and tried to kiss me but i recoiled
"NO"I said again firmly
"Look i even have flowers for you!"
"NO"I was just going to keep repeating it over and over again until he stopped
"Fine,your no fun anyway!"He turned and stalked away
I was so distracted i missed Lilly age up.I see that she still loved her red ribbons!
Only a few moments after that John aged and let me tell you he was the spitting image of dad!
The next day mom got  free vacation to go get some imported wedding dresses for free so of course i was left in charge.
I heard a ring at the door,the guests for my teen party weren't supposed to be here for another three hours!
But when i looked i saw a very pretty girl!
"Hi"I said
"Oh hey"
"Sooo,did you um need something?"
"Oh Oh Here,its from your mom"She handed me a folded  envelope and when i opened it a note was inside

Dear John,
Your probably wondering why a mysterious girl is at our door step.
Her name is Angie Beno and her parents just died in a car accident.
She had no other relatives so they left her with me there closest friend.
I am trusting that you and Lilly will be friendly and kind to her!
In the green guest bedroom there is a spare bed but it needs some sheets
so if you could put those on for her and show her were it is!Remember,Be Nice!

I showed her her room and then the my friends showed up!But when i looked out the door i saw our nosey neighbor calling mom!I shooed everyone away but mom was to fast and i was in for it!
She screamed and yelled for about 20 min before i finally started begging and pleading to get of grounding.
"Fine!"She replied
"But only cause tomorrows the wedding!"
"Thanks mom!"
It was my idea to take a midnight walk.I thought it might be romantic..
And romantic it was!
That is until the POPO showed up!

POPO:Slag word for cops

Mom was livid to say the least but she said the only place we could go was t the church then back home..GREAT!I'm an idiot!
Angie was having allot of mood swings lately.

I didn't mean to make you look bad Angie!BOTH of the kids are going through mood swings and they kept making wishes to sneak out and stuff so i just fulfilled them...
We will be seeing more of you in the update after the wedding :)
Next chapter is the LAST one for Annabelle!
Happy simming!

Latenight fun!

These are just some fun pics from my new latenight game!
Off topicness!:I just figured out harry potter games are made by EA O.O    =O

This is the face i made when i FINALLY got latenight!WOOT WOOT!I was actually only looking forward to the vammpys to tell you da truth :)
This is my simself by the way...

THIS is the face i made when i got bit ^-^
TEEHEE i thought this was hilarious! :D

Me showin off ma supa awesome dance moves!!
Hmm at first i wasn't to sure about it i thought it might blow my head up... O.o
And when the sparklies went away it looked like this and i thought it >->
Tuns out it only makes you super drunk..BaHa!jk
The Aquarius club..
OOO a bubble machine ^-^
Hmm ima blow some outta my nose now! *Blows bubbles out of nose*
Me:*Wonders how that's possible*
Off topicness:Why are my eyebrows brown?....

Why do you have a devious look on ur face???
Oh..that's why..
Me:*Rolls eyes*

Enjoying the hot tub?Good cause it wont let me put one on the balcony in your apartment >->
Im sure when you first take a look all you see is a girl dancing in her swimsuit at a lounge..Lets take a closer look shall we?
Ps:I love what the shadows are doing to her hair! :)
Not just a girl dancing but a girl dancing on a table ;)
This my friends is a face you make when you are as absent minded as me..I forget stuff 2 minuets after i hear them >->

And finally after taking forever and me thinking i was never gonna turn i go from a regular girl to a vampire girl!
Woot Woot!!

I wish my eyes were bluer but there white now but whatever!Im a vammpy now!YAY
Go inhumane vammpy speed!
Yay!Butlers oh how iv missed you since the sims 2!!You actually do stuff unlike maids!

On a side note:EA i still hate you with a passion!I hope that makes you feel warm and hated on the inside! ;)