Thursday, June 30, 2011

A tribute to Jayson

Jayson was the co founder of our legacy,He raised 6 children and completed his LTW 1 day before he passed.He was 2 levels away from reaching the top of his career.

A tribute to Hannah

Hannah was the founder of our legacy and gave birth to 6 kids,She completed her LTW 3 days before she passed.She was 1 level off from completing her career.Hannah is going to be missed.

Chapter 12-Why is life so hard?

I ran through the door in a rush,my legs aching,my heart throbbing,and my muscles burned.I hoped i wasn't to late if i was i would never forgive myself.

The first thing i saw as i burst in the door was my father as a ghost standing next to the grim reaper.
My heart cracked in two and i could barely hold it together,but i had to because i did not want dad to worry as he passed on.
But when dad passed on i broke down and sobbed,at least dad got to spend his last night with his eldest daughter i was so happy i decided to have her stay.

It turns out dad had been practicing his chess for his job,he never did make it to the top he died at level 8,i guess he was so relaxed his soul decided it was ready.

And then i remembered what i was so happy about today,it was my 18th birthday.I was so unhappy about when my birthday happened..And then the grim reaper decided to rub it in my face that my dad was gone by celebrating with me.>:(
After that sad day i decided to get a job in the ghost hunting career so that maybe one day i could bring my dad back and he could try and reach the top level of his career.
That night i practiced my logic and wondered if i would pass on the same way as dad.
It had been about 2 days since dads passing and no one was feeling any better.

Mom and Amber had made up and were watching cartoons together,earlier mom had pulled me aside and asked if i Had a steady money source and was responsible enough to take care of 4 teen girls.
My replied was "Mom I'm already heir and yes and yes."All she did was nod her head in approvement.
My only guess was that she was going senile...

But the look on her face as she headed to the kitchen told me she somehow knew that today was the day.

I ran into the kitchen and watched as she was engulfed in sparkles.She was at level 9 in the painting career when she passed.
Everyone was buried in grief.Both of there parents were gone,i was going to have to work hard to get them through this pain.
Jenny would cook every night I'm guessing that was her grief outlet.

I knew Amber must be very upset,she had finally found loving foster parents and then they were ripped out from under her when shes still so young.I walked into her room and she exploded!I was shocked and hurt that she would act that way.
I lied down to take a nap and dreamt back to the day in my teen hood when my mom had dropped the heir bomb on me,i had been so mad that she had chosen me but now I'm so happy that she chose me.I will continue this legacy in my parents honor.

R.I.P Hannah Simeyson and Jayson Simeyson.You will be loved and remembered always.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chapter 11-Trouble

I looked out the window in expectancy,they were supposed to be back here 1 hour ago!
After the party the girls asked to stay for 5 more minuets and i said yes thinking they were mature enough to be back.Obviously not...
I sighed in relief when i saw them in the yard,but then i saw what they were standing next to!
I was livid but when mom saw what i was looking at she was beyond livid!She asked who was responsible for this and it turns out it was Amber.
Mom yelled so loud that she probably woke the neighborhood!
After that incident she was all doom and gloom and mean to everyone.
I asked Sierra to stay the night because i missed her so much and i knew that mom and dad would love to have her here for even one night.

With some of the extra money we had from inventing,painting,and my dads job i upgraded the kitchen and built a wall so there could be and actual dining room.

I was so happy with all the money i was earing from inventing!If i kept it up i would have enough to support us for a few weeks.

I decided that the wash was overflowing so i went to the laundromat,as i waited for it to let me move it to the dryer i watched some TV in the kids section.

I sat back after i transferred my clothes and thought about my life,I had great supportive parents,wonderful sisters and in a few hours i would be 18!!I was having a great day!!!!!
But all great days have to come to an end in some way....That's when i got the call from Mom......

Chapter 10-Birthdays oh birthdays!

Everyone pitched in and helped move the inventing table so that i could clean up the ash that was underneath it.Mom and dad were getting really old and one of my moms desires was to renovate the house.
So i said why not?We had over enough money in the bank.I put new wall paper and new floors in the living room and the study.I also added a dining table a new bed for mom and dad a new stove for the kitchen and an all new sofa and TV.

A closer look.
I think everyone was in love with the new dining room because they got food even though we Had just eaton diner,i don't think i will ever understand these people!
While Amber was enjoying the new dining room Jessica,Jenny,and Samantha all sat down to do there homework outside.They all seemed to love it so much.I think ill take them out to the park for there birthdays!

As i mentioned before mom and dad were getting up there in age and they would not always be around to pay the bills so i turned to my inventing bench again so i could try and make a sum of money from that.The bad thing was was that i was hitting my thumb more than the gadget!

After my classes ended i waited outside for my sisters while i did my HW.When the bell rang for them a girl came out wearing the exact same dress as my sister!She must hav started a new trend!
We all piled in the car and awaited the arrival to the park!

When we got there i saw my boyfriend.He was now an young adult..He never told me he had a birthday..Oh well that's not important right now!The park was the perfect party spot!!!!
While the girls played in the sprinkler i decided that i needed to break things of with my BF,i just didn't feel the spark anymore,besides he didn't even have the decency to tell me he had a birthday!
 He took it pretty hard..

As i sat and did my HW the girls enjoyed there last hours of childhood by doing the things they love most.

So when i was done i called an old friend i had not seen in a couple years,I was so happy to see Sierra!
I vented all that had happened with my X and she listened like the awesome sister she is!!

Finally he night we had all been waiting for!!All of my sisters were beautiful and now all moody teens!My parents wouldn't have to worry because i was going to be an official adult tomorrow!